Straighten Your Teeth the Modern Way 

Straighten Your Teeth the Modern Way 

Sep 01, 2020

There’s excellent news for anyone wanting to straighten teeth without drawing a lot of attention to the treatment. Modern dentistry has come a long way in recent years, and old-fashioned metal braces are now a thing of the past for mild to moderate teeth straightening. You may have seen the commercials or advertising for clear braces and clear aligners and wondered whether or not they were right for you.

We hope the following information provides answers to your questions about clear aligners such as Invisalign® vs. braces. And remember that as a Certified Invisalign Provider at Lexington Dental Group, Dr. Shah can provide any additional information you are seeking.

Choices in Teeth Straightening

Although this article will focus primarily on Invisalign vs. braces as a way to improve the appearance of your smile, we’d also like to mention that dental veneers are another option for cosmetic dentistry in Lexington, MA, for one- or two- appointment smile transformations.

If you’ve ever noticed a friend, colleague, or relative transform their smile in record time, chances are they chose dental veneers. However, there are limitations and drawbacks to dental veneers over aligners, so make sure you ask your dentist which treatment is best recommended for your immediate goals, long-term correction, and budget.

In summary, dental veneers are thin dental appliances that are semi-permanently placed on the front surfaces of teeth to improve their alignment or coloration after a small portion of the natural tooth has been removed. As such, the treatment cannot be reversed, and you will need to wear (or replace) your dental veneers every 5 to 10 years.

A Gentle Approach in Teeth Straightening

Even though dental veneers provide quicker results than dental aligners or clear braces, the fact that they do not require a portion of your tooth’s surface being removed is a huge advantage for many patients. So, let’s discuss more of the benefits of Invisalign.

When compared to other aligners. Invisalign is the only therapy that offers these advantages over other aligners and traditional braces:

  • In-person and on-going consultation with a Certified Invisalign Provider to ensure maximum efficacy and comfort in the customized treatment
  • Easily removable aligners for eating, drinking, flossing or for short periods during social events or meetings
  • Do not contain unsightly wires which can often require emergency visits when they become broken
  • Customized tracking system built-in to the appliance to ensure you’re achieving maximum results

Additionally, when you choose an Invisalign provider near you for your smile transformation, you’ll benefit from a one-on-one digital experience with our dentist that will track your progress at every appointment. That means that rather than wondering if your aligners are performing as expected, your regular check-ups at 6 to 8-week intervals will allow face-to-face interaction.

Keeping Your Aligners Clean is Easy

If you’re wondering how easy it is to keep your aligners clean, you’ll be pleased to learn that Invisalign cleaning crystals remove plaque in about 15 minutes to provide the following benefits:

  • Keeps your aligners crystal clear
  • Controls odors and bacteria
  • Keeps your aligners fresh and ready to wear

Cleaning your aligners with cleaning crystals takes about 15 minutes – something that can quickly be done in the morning and evening while you brush and floss.

Keep in mind, too, that when you choose an Invisalign provider near you for your smile transformation, you’ll have the convenience of having Invisalign cleaning crystals a short drive away instead of waiting for an online order to arrive.

We Invite You to Learn More Now

There is no better time than now to start your smile transformation. Instead of continuing to wonder how aligners can fit into your lifestyle and budget, why not make an appointment for an Invisalign consultation with our dentists at Lexington Dental Group? With our team of multi-specialty dentists, including our Certified Invisalign Provider, you’ll learn about aligner therapy as well as dental veneers as a possibility for your smile makeover.

We’re currently accepting new patients in our family-friendly office and would love to discuss how the modern treatment of Invisalign can correct your smile and the smile of your teenager too!

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