Mouth Reconstruction in Lexington, MA

Do you suffer from extensive tooth decay? Have you experienced a dental trauma that damaged your teeth? Well, the team at Lexington Dental Group can help! Our dentists can relieve pain and discomfort. It is also our goal to improve the mouth’s function and the appearance of your smile. Check out our dental practice in Lexington, MA, today to learn more.

Comprehensive Dental Treatment

The team at Lexington Dental Group consists of a mix of skilled restorative and cosmetic dentists. Our combined experience, training, and knowledge allow us to offer complete mouth reconstructions. Even more, at our Lexington dental practice, we deliver beautiful results. Although the staff performs many treatments and procedures, including veneers, crowns, and implants, some patients need more extensive care. To help those patients meet their needs and goals, our dentists can fully repair and reconstruct the oral cavity. We do so utilizing a wide variety of advanced techniques and dental prosthetics.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Lexington

Due to the complexity of the process, extensive planning is required for a full-mouth reconstruction. As a result, you should expect multiple office visits. Because of the scope of the process, only highly-qualified and experienced dentists can offer mouth reconstruction. For decades, our staff has been providing reliable, comprehensive dental services with kindness and compassion. We take time to get to know our patients, considering their desires and concerns when developing personalized treatment plans.

A wide range of treatments are available at Lexington Dental Group. Reconstructive options are designed to restore proper mouth function, appearance, and comfort. Typically, crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, or fillings are placed. Sometimes one procedure is performed, or several are completed in conjunction with one another. It all depends on what is needed to meet the patient’s goals and to restore oral health. Sedation dentistry is available since many of these treatments can be lengthy. We always want to ensure a comfortable experience.

Benefits of Mouth Reconstruction

There are countless advantages to having a full mouth construction. Lexington Dental Group patients are happy to achieve new smiles and improved confidence. Dental-related conditions, such as jaw soreness, headaches, back and neck pain, TMJ symptoms, are often reduced or eliminated.

We invite you to contact our Lexington dentistry practice to find out more. Book your mouth reconstruction today.

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