Home Dental Care Education in Lexington, MA

Regular dental hygiene and proper home care can keep you protected from restorative treatments and even dental surgery. A little precaution can reduce the likelihood of painful dental and gum disease and keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Keeping your gums and teeth healthy does not mean you shouldn’t visit the dentist; please get a checkup and cleaning twice a year. But caring for your teeth can prevent cavities and periodontal disease. Our expert dental team at Lexington Dental Group explains everything you need to know about effective home dental care.

In addition to proper brushing, there are many other ways to improve your oral health in the comfort of your home.

Refrain from Poor Lifestyle Choices

Do you smoke or bite your nails? Do you clench your teeth when you get stressed? Our trained dentists in Lexington, MA, deal with many patients who suffer from bruxism or need their teeth whitened due to nicotine staining.

Talk to a dentist near you about quitting smoking. Use sugar-free chewing gum and mouth guards if you suffer from bruxism.

Healthy Diet Tips

Your gums and teeth will thank you for consuming a healthy diet and avoiding sugary snacks. Limit your consumption of staining beverages like tea, coffee, and wine.

Increase your intake of calcium-rich foods like low-fat dairy and dark green vegetables.

Using the Right Mouthwash

Please follow the instructions on the label when it comes to rinses and mouthwashes. If the guidelines suggest rinsing for 50 seconds, do not stop at 30 seconds. Our dentist in Lexington, MA, suggests using ADA-recommended mouthwashes. If you experience mild irritation, switch to a mouth rinse without alcohol.


Flossing carefully between and behind teeth and use stronger floss if there is little to no space between your teeth. In case of any doubt, please call or drop in at Lexington Dental Group for guidance. Do not floss more than once a day as it may cause tenderness and irritation to the gums.

Our dentist will be happy to provide you with more home dental care tips when you visit our office in Lexington, MA.

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