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One of the things that our patients appreciate the most about the multi-specialty dental care they receive from our dentists near them at Lexington Dental Group is that they don’t have to run from one location to another to receive full-service dentistry which includes appliance therapy. This means that when you or a family member needs a sports guard, a nightguard, or a snore guard, your records will already be on hand so you can receive your appliance therapy in record time from the same location and dentists in Lexington, MA that has already been providing your full-service dental care.

The Classification of Appliance Therapy Near You

Although it may seem like a broad category, treatment in appliance therapy is broken into three distinct classifications: snore guards, night guards, and sports guards. As you can see, each type of appliance serves a separate need.

Snore guards from our dentists near you can help control your snoring so that those around you can enjoy a better night’s rest. Plus, a snore guard can help you achieve a better night’s sleep yourself!

Nightguards are widely considered the treatment of choice for patients who grind their teeth at night. This habit must be controlled since it can lead to erosion, fractures, and even tooth loss.

And there’s a reason you see professional athletes use sports guards. It’s because they work to protect their mouth, teeth, and jaw from impact-related injuries. They know that an investment in a sports guard protects the investment they may have already made in their cosmetic dentistry.

Many families will schedule back-to-back appointments with our dentists in Lexington, MA for appliance therapy. For example, patients who are parents of teenagers will schedule back-to-back appointments to receive appliance therapy to treat snoring or teeth grinding that they are experiencing and a consecutive appointment for their child who needs a sports guard.

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