Complete Oral Exams in Lexington, MA

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At Lexington Dental Group, we offer comprehensive oral exams. These routine checkups are vital to helping you maintain good oral health. During these visits, your Lexington dentist will look for changes and growing mouth problems. Therefore, a complete dental health exam allows us to catch issues early. When diagnosed and treated at the beginning stages, problems are more comfortable to manage with less pain and expense.

What Happens During a Complete Oral Exam?

Here are a few things your dentist will look for during your complete oral exam:

  • Decayed, damaged or missing teeth
  • Budding cavities
  • The condition of your gums, including signs of gum disease or bone loss
  • Check the integrity of your dental work such as fillings, crowns, and root canals
  • Symptoms of oral or throat cancer
  • Cysts or other suspicious growths
  • Tooth positions
  • Signs of teeth grinding or clenching
  • TMJ and jaw function overall
  • Bone health in the mouth, jaw, and face

Along with the visual and tactical inspection, a comprehensive examination will also include:

  • A record of your entire medical history. This step allows your dentist in Lexington, MA, to be aware of any health concerns that may impact your oral health or dental treatments.
  • A neck examination that involves checking your lymph nodes and glands for inflammation. Swelling in this area may indicate an underlying health issue.
  • Traditional or digital imaging, if necessary. Dental x-rays uncover hidden problems like deep cavities, impacted teeth, bone loss, fractures, and more.
  • Suggestions on how to improve your oral hygiene routine at home
  • An individualized treatment plan to complete any needed dental work.

Comprehensive Dental Exams in Lexington, MA

Your dentist or hygienist will perform your complete oral exam every year. We schedule routine checkups according to individual oral health needs. Every new patient to Lexington Dental Group will receive a comprehensive examination. After that, every three to five years will suffice for the majority of patients.

Your unique healthy smile is your Lexington dentist’s top priority. Call our friendly and experienced staff today. Find out more about complete dental exams or schedule your appointment.

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