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Whether you’ve lost one or more teeth from decay or an accident, you should replace them. Not only will replacement teeth maintain your appearance, but then you won’t need to worry about how your other healthy teeth are affected by the missing ones. One solution to replacing teeth is getting a partial.

What Are Partials?

A partial, also called a partial denture, is a dental appliance that can replace one or more teeth. When teeth are missing, they can cause one of several reactions. Your bite shifts due to the missing teeth, and it can cause your healthy teeth to shift toward the gap, making them tilt. It also can result in bone loss in your jaw.

What Do Partials Look Like?

The partials that we use in our dental practice, Lexington Dental Group, look like natural teeth. The bottoms are pink to look like gums, and the crowns resemble your natural teeth. One of our dentists in Lexington, MA, will work with you to ensure the shade of your partial matches the shade of your natural teeth.

When you’re wearing a partial, the missing teeth do not need to be side by side. They can be anywhere in the mouth, including on the opposite sides of the mouth from each other. Most partials consist of acrylic teeth connected by a band of metal. This combination of materials is used because it is strong enough to withstand the forces of biting and chewing.

Ordering the Partial

To make a partial, one of our dentists at Lexington Dental Group will take an impression or model of your teeth, along with x-rays, and send them to a dental laboratory. In two to four weeks, the model will return to the dentist’s office in Lexington, and you will go in for a fitting.

The number of teeth that are missing and their location will help determine the appearance of the partial. When it’s fitted and comfortable in your mouth, you will be able to use it like you did your natural teeth.

When replacing missing teeth with a partial, friends, family, and acquaintances will not be able to tell they are not your natural teeth due to their realistic appearance.

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