Oral Cancer Screenings in Lexington, MA

Oral cancer is any form of cancer that affects the tissues of the oral cavity. While oral cancer is rare in children, it can affect anyone regardless of age. When detected early, oral cancer is treatable through chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. That’s why it’s essential to book regular oral screenings with Lexington Dental Group.

Who Needs Oral Cancer Screenings?

Everyone can benefit from oral cancer screening. Some people may be at particularly high risk for oral cancer and should consider frequent oral cancer screenings. Schedule a screening appointment with our dentist in Lexington, MA if any of the following statements apply to you:

  • You’re a heavy smoker or chew high amounts of tobacco regularly
  • You’re a heavy drinker
  • You’ve been diagnosed with any cancer in the past
  • You’ve been diagnosed with oral cancer before
  • You have a family history of cancer
  • You’ve recently undergone significant sun exposure, e.g. while on a tropical vacation
  • You’ve received an HPV diagnosis in the recent or distant past

Oral Cancer Screening Procedure at Lexington Dental Group

During your oral cancer screening at Lexington Dental Group, our very friendly and experienced dentist will undertake a visual and physical examination to detect signs of oral cancer. Some of the symptoms our dentist will be looking for include:

  • Presence of red or white sores and patches in your mouth
  • The appearance of lumps under your tongue, in your cheeks, and under your chin
  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Difficulty when moving your tongue and jaw which may result in pain during chewing and swallowing

Showing one or several of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean that you must have oral cancer, however, if multiple symptoms are present, it’s likely that our dentist will recommend a biopsy.

Patients who receive a definite oral cancer diagnosis receive treatment from an oncologist while our dentist continues to provide the required dental care during the treatment period.

If you’re in Lexington, MA and want to be sure about the state of your oral health, give Lexington Dental Group a call today and schedule your oral cancer screening.

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