Low Radiation Dental X-Rays in Lexington, MA

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Since the 1900s, dentists have been relying on x-rays as a valuable diagnostic tool. Radiography is the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging. Today, advanced technology has dramatically improved the process. There are many advantages to using low radiation imaging over traditional x-rays. Find out more below!

Digital Imaging vs. Traditional X-rays

High-quality modern digital imaging requires less radiation exposure. In fact, this type of dental x-ray produces 80 percent less radiation. Traditional x-rays are relatively safe to use, but since the digital option minimizes exposure, low radiation x-rays are safer. The following are a few other advantages:

More Efficient and Cost-Effective: This new dental technology is very affordable and readily available. Analog x-rays are more expensive due to the cost of the film. The price is higher to purchase and develop. With digital imaging, there is no film to process. Photos display instantly on the computer screen, so you and your Lexington dentist can review the results together immediately.

Plenty of Storage: A great perk that comes with digital dental x-rays is unlimited storage. Images are transferred to a hard drive for future access. Analog film is hard to store efficiently. Also, the photos lose quality over time. Your dentist in Lexington, MA, can view and resize digital images without losing quality or risking distortion. The result is an easier, faster, and more accurate diagnosis. What’s more, patients can see their pictures clearly and ask questions at the time.

Kind to the Environment: Low radiation dental x-rays are more environmentally-friendly than analog methods. Besides the fact that no film is needed, there are no harsh chemicals involved either. Traditional x-rays use chemicals that require disposal out in the world.

Low Radiation Digital X-rays in Lexington, MA

At Lexington Dental Group in Lexington, MA, we are proud to provide our patients with low radiation dental x-rays. We utilize the convenience of digital imaging to detect and diagnose conditions that might otherwise be difficult to uncover and treat. To learn more about our safer x-rays in Lexington or to book an appointment, call us today!

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