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Whether it’s as a result of gum disease, cavities, or traumatic injury, tooth loss can be devastating. Where there are highly visible gaps in your smile, you may find your self-confidence taking a significant hit. Missing teeth can also cause bite problems, bite collapse, and poor quality of life.

If you’re struggling with tooth loss, Lexington Dental Group has a solution for you. We’re a leading dental clinic with many years of experience in restoring smiles. Our solutions include dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and implants.

Implants are artificial, titanium screws that replace lost tooth roots. Implant restorations look and function like your natural teeth. They are a permanent solution to the problem of tooth loss and prevent bite collapse.

Types of Implant Restorations

When it comes to implant restorations, patients have a number of choices in regards to the type and material of restoration. If you’re missing one tooth, then a dental crown will do the trick. For patients who have lost several teeth, there’s the option of choosing dental bridges or dentures. Implant-supported dentures have better stability in comparison to conventional dentures.

As far as the restoration materials, patients can choose from porcelain or zirconia. Both materials are aesthetically pleasing as they fit in with the natural look of your smile. If you prefer a different direction, you can get gold alloy crowns, which are incredibly long-wearing and can last many decades.

Dental Implants Treatment Process

We begin by collecting comprehensive information about your dental health to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for dental implants. Patients with healthy gums and enough bone tissue can undergo dental implant surgery. For patients who have undergone bone atrophy—loss of bone density—we may consider bone grafting to build up the bone.

On the day of the implant surgery, our dentist begins by administering anesthesia, so you don’t feel any pain during the process.

After the surgery, you will be allowed to go home to begin the recovery and healing process. Healing usually takes several months. During this period, the titanium screws fuse with your bone. This fusion is known as osseointegration. Meanwhile, our dentist will schedule you for periodic examinations to check on your progress.

Once complete healing has been achieved, the dentist attaches a connector or abutment post, and lastly, a restoration such as a crown or dental bridges.

Reach out to Lexington Dental Group if you’re curious about implant restorations in Lexington, MA.

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