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Periodontal Treatment includes multiple techniques and procedures. At Lexington Dental Group in Lexington, we have a highly qualified team that has plenty of experience with Periodontitis. Periodontitis is a dangerous condition and the longer it goes on, the worse the complications.

People should never postpone looking for Periodontal Treatment in Lexington. At Lexington Dental Group, we’ll ask you about your symptoms then examine your oral cavity. Based on what we see, we’ll recommend a treatment plan. Imaging like dental x-rays might be requested to help us plan treatment. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Symptoms and Complications of Periodontal Disease

Patients with Periodontal Disease can have a variety of symptoms. Several patients notice bleeding from their gums while using a toothbrush. You might also notice bad breath or increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. The gums might seem red and swollen as the gingivitis gets worse.

Without treatment, Periodontitis can lead to multiple complications. As the infection reaches the jawbones, patients may have loose teeth and weaker bones. Teeth can also fall out if patients delay treatment for significant periods. Additionally, the infection can spread to distant parts of the body and affect organs like the heart.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to treat Periodontal Disease. The first step is to remove plaque and tartar from the patient’s teeth. These collections contain bacteria that contribute to the infection. Removing them is the first step to controlling the condition.

Since Periodontitis is almost always due to bacterial infections, antibiotics are used in treatment. You might be prescribed an antibiotic cream or gel or you might receive antibiotic pills to take orally. It will depend on the severity of your Periodontitis. Finally, some patients need surgery.

We might have to elevate the gums to clean deep pockets. The gums are sutured back in their normal positions after we’re done. Bone grafts can be used to replace lost bone tissue in severe cases. Lost teeth can be replaced using dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

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