Invisalign® in Lexington, MA

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials or have heard from friends. Either way, you’re curious about Invisalign®️. We don’t blame you. It’s a great alternative to braces.

At Lexington Dental Group in Lexington, MA, we’re proud to offer Invisalign consultations and check-ups to our patients.

Are you wondering if Invisalign is right for you? We’re here to help.

Who Should Get Invisalign?

Many of our patients are good candidates for getting a straighter smile with Invisalign. Feel free to ask us for our opinion at your next check-up. Or take a look at this helpful guide we’ve put together for your convenience.

Invisalign is Suitable for Many Ages

Teenagers through adults may be ideal candidates. If your teen still has some baby teeth, that’s okay. Invisalign will work on baby teeth and permanent teeth.

Invisalign Treats Different Smile Issues

If your teeth are crooked, gapped, or overcrowded, Invisalign can help.

Invisalign Treats Different Bite Issues

If you have a gap, uneven spaces, an overbite, an underbite, a crossbite, or an open bite, Invisalign can fix that.

If you’re a candidate for Invisalign, your next step is booking a consultation with a professional at Lexington Dental Group. At this appointment, your doctor or hygienist will use a special camera to create a 3D image of your mouth. Based on this image, we’ll chart how your teeth can be moved to create your perfect smile. Before you leave, you’ll get to see a picture of what your teeth could look like with Invisalign.

Since our doctors are committed to your care, we’ll let you know if we think you’re better off with a different treatment plan. If you decide to move forward with your Invisalign treatment, we’ll be with you every step of the way!

What to Expect During Invisalign Treatment

Here’s what you can expect if you move forward in your treatment with Invisalign:

  • Wear your Invisalign 22 hours a day
  • Start noticing improvements in your teeth sooner than with braces
  • Bring your Invisalign case with you when you go out
  • Brush more often to prevent staining your aligners
  • Check-ups every 6 to 8 weeks
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