Single Dental Implant in Lexington, MA

If you have a single missing tooth, it can be replaced with a single dental implant and a crown. The dental implant replaces not only the tooth but also the root.

Modern dentistry has a range of restorations for missing teeth, including crowns, bridges, and implants. If you have only one tooth missing, should you opt for a single implant or a bridge? Our team at Lexington Dental Group explains why you may wish to choose single tooth implants compared to a bridge.

How Does a Single Tooth Implant Compare with a Bridge?

As experienced dentists in Lexington, MA, we suggest that single tooth implants may offer many benefits compared to conventional dental restorations. Single tooth implants not only look and feel natural, but they also function without straining the adjacent teeth.

The anchoring teeth have to be ground down to support the tooth-supported dental bridge. If the anchoring teeth become decayed or develop cavities, the bridge will no longer fit properly.

As a dental implant replaces the tooth root, it stimulates and preserves the surrounding bone. With a tooth-supported bridge, the surrounding bone begins to deteriorate gradually. Single tooth dental implants are easy to clean and appear more aesthetic as they blend in with the dental arch. The gums may start to recede around a bridge and leave the metal collar exposed, and the resulting bone loss can spoil your smile.

If you’re considering replacing a missing tooth, our dentists at Lexington Dental Group can help you examine your options.

What to Expect from Single Tooth Implants in Lexington, MA

Once the dentists surgically place the implant in the jaw bone, it needs between 4-6 months for the titanium screw and jaw bone to fuse. The titanium post acts as an anchor for the artificial tooth or crown.

Once the gums have healed, the replacement tooth will be attached to a small metal post known as an ”abutment.” You can trust our dentists to provide safe, effective, and aesthetic single tooth implants near you.

Please contact our experienced team at Lexington Dental Group with any questions.

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