General & Family Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry Services

While teeth may be healthy, mother nature does not always provide us with teeth that are straight, attractively shaped, or even white enough. Moreover, these unattractive aspects can develop or worsen over time as we age. Cosmetic dentistry, therefore, can often involve altering healthy teeth and their surrounding gum tissues. The challenge is to achieve the goals of the patient using the least invasive approach possible.

At Lexington Dental Group, we believe that routine cleanings and examinations are the best defense against dental disease. Our Lexington dentist cleans and examines patients' teeth, affording our patients the utmost time for communication during their hygiene visit. Our Lexington dentist not only checks patients for dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease, but he also regularly checks for any signs of oral cancer.

Children also love coming to Lexington Dental Group. They can never walk by our office without peering in for a better view of our whimsical furniture, artwork and lighting. Although the office décor is adult in nature, both adults and children enjoy items such as the red lips couch, airplane and bug lighting, as well as a funny face with a large mirror in the center, just to mention a few. It is not unusual to be giving a tour of our office to someone who was passing by and couldn't help but come in the door.

Preventive services and products available in our office include:

  • Routine cleanings

  • Comprehensive and routine oral examinations

  • Oral cancer screening

  • Computer-assisted periodontal charting

  • Dental Sealants

  • Fluoride Treatments

  • Digital (Low exposure) x-rays

  • Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes

  • Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes

  • Night guards

  • Athletic Mouth guards

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Children's Dentistry

Children find Lexington Dental Group a very special place. When greeted by the cheery whimsical motif of our office, kids can’t help but be in a happy mood. The bright colored walls and ceilings, the airplane and bumble bee track lights, not to mention the kids movies like ”Finding Nemo and “Cars” playing above the chairs in the treatment rooms all contribute to making children’s check-ups fun.

If your child should need a filling or other dental restorative service, Our Lexington dentist is able to anesthetize their tooth using an unthreatening device called the Wand. This painless computer control slow release local anesthesia device insures a child’s comfort during treatment.

Of course all our kids are rewarded with a prize from the treasure chest and are given a choice of which “cute, funky” ADA approved toothbrush they like. We keep a supply of children’s books that parents can read at home with their child during the days leading up to their visit.

Some parents ask why we make such a big deal about seeing children twice a year who have only their “baby teeth.” Well, there are really a few good reasons. First and foremost, we want kids to develop the habit of seeing the dentist regularly. Barring an unforeseen traumatic injury, kids who see the dentist regularly are likely to never have a serious dental problem. The habit of regularly visiting the dentist is likely to be internalized so that even after they grow up and move away from home they are likely to maintain the pattern you established for them as children. Secondly, the primary teeth set the stage for the permanent teeth already developing underneath and behind the primary teeth. If there are correct or faulty relationships of the teeth to one another this interrelationship can usually be expected to be followed by a similar relationship in the permanent teeth that erupt following the paths of the primary teeth. Thus, plans can be made for future orthodontic intervention and in some case intervention while the child still has primary or mixed primary and permanent teeth. Also kids need their teeth to chew like the rest of us and like with an adult a cavity not treated can really hurt and when the decay goes as deep as the tooth’s nerve a painful infection will occur.

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Dental Health & Safety

Our patients' health and safety is a major concern as described below in our use of digital x-rays, water quality and sterilization techniques:

Digital X-Rays

Computers now play a big part in dental imaging as they have in medical imaging. Using a minimal x-ray exposure, compared to film x-rays, an electronic sensor registers an image of your teeth which is instantaneously captured by computers located in each treatment room. These images can be stored in your electronic computer record along with other pertinent medical, dental, and personal data. The image can be viewed instantly on the overhead TLC large screen monitor, where they can be magnified, highlighted, and suspect areas can be honed in on to better diagnose dental disease.

Water Quality

You may have seen an exposé on "60 Minutes" about bacterial build-up in dental water lines and water "retraction" back into drills. You may have also heard about a recent report that lists the Boston area water amongst the poorest quality in the nation. Well you can relax. Our ultra modern facility is not only equipped with new anti retraction delivery systems, but water to each dental treatment room is filtered to allow only the purest water to be used within the mouth ( The water in our office has been carefully analyzed by Loma Linda University for purity and absence of bacteria.


Proper sterilization requires a protocol that is followed for each and every patient. All drills and instruments are stored and sterilized in individual cassettes. Except when in use, the instruments never need to be touched by human hands. Used instruments stay with their cassette which are then ultrasonically cleaned and subsequently sterilized with pressurized steam and heat. Our state of the art "Steri Center" seen through our glass blocked alcove has been ergonomically designed for efficiency and safety.

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